Bachhber Manufacturing, Inc.
ISO 9001 Certified

Press Unloaders - Mechanically Actuated

BMC Model 075 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 250mm [10"]
Press stroke range = 32mm to 150mm [1.25" to 6"]

Our smallest unloader designed for high-speed short-stroke presses.

BMC Model 100 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 550mm [22"]
Press stroke range = 75mm to 450mm [3" to 18"]

An Introductory lightweight unit excellent for quick changeover. This is our original design still meeting the needs of many shops today.

BMC Model 150 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 600mm [24"]
Press stroke range = 75mm to 500mm [3" to 20"]

Designed as a heavier upgrade to the Model 100, this unloader uses a linear bearing for smoother operation.

BMC Model 200 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 600mm [24"]
Press stroke range = 75mm to 500mm [3" to 20"]

Designed with two linear bearings to unload wider & heavier parts while providing greater stability at higher speeds.

BMC Model 300 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 850mm [34"]
Press stroke range = 175mm to 750mm [7" to 30"]

BMC Model 320 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 1060mm [42"]
Press stroke range = 300mm to 1000mm [12" to 40"]

Very Heavy-Duty unloader used to catch heavier parts. It also has increased tray travel to handle larger stroke presses; it is our largest stocked unit.

BMC Model 600 Mechanical

The Model 600 employs (4) linear ways and offers tray widths up to 60” for unloading large and heavy parts. Custom versions of the 600 series are available. Just send in your Press Information Form for a quote.

Forge-Duty Unloader Model 203 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 450mm [18"]
Press stroke range = 125mm to 500mm [5" to 20"]

Designed with hardened toolsteel rollers to handle the heat, no plastic components.

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