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Die Cast Trim Press Unloaders

Die Cast Press Unloaders from BMC

Bachhuber's Press Unloaders make it easy to automate trim press loading and unloading.
The patented Auto Disconnect Arm automatically disconnects the tray after the part is caught, allowing it to return to home position. The tray out verification switch signals the robot the tray is clear for loading. The arm automatically reconnects on the press down stroke for part removal. No cell controller or separate control for the unloader is required.

BMC Model 201 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 550.0mm [22"]
Press stroke range = 75.0mm to 500.0mm [3" to 20"]

Designed with two linear rails to unload wider & heavier parts and provide greater stability.

Patent #5572926

BMC Model 317 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 800.0mm [32"]
Press stroke range = 175.0mm to 750.0mm [7" to 30"]

With longer mainframe and linear rails, this is our most popular unloader.

Patent #5572926

BMC Model 321 Mechanical

Tray travel max. = 1000.0mm [42"]
Press stroke range = 300.0mm to 1000mm [12" to 40"]

Designed for longer stroke presses and to handle heavier applications. This unloader is our largest stocked unit.

Patent #5572926

Servo Actuated Unloaders & Vision Systems

Servo Actuated Unloaders & Vision Systems

Servo actuated unloaders and vision systems can be implemented for more demanding applications.

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