Bachhber Manufacturing, Inc.
ISO 9001 Certified

Bachhuber Manufacturing offers these benefits to support your efforts:

BMC Offers these befefits

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  • 98.96% on-time delivery - 99.99% parts made right the first time
  • Designs and processes monitored for cost reduction opportunities
  • Company-owned trucks to better manage timely deliveries
  • Kanban pull program
  • Online price/quantity information
  • Increase inventory turns
Press Automation

Our Mazak 6000-II HMC with pallet changer allows us to load one set of parts while machining another, increasing throughput and efficiency. The machine's horizontal configuration also offers increased cutting rigidity for greater accuracy and reduced machining time.
All of our machining centers have probing capability, which enables a more precise alignment of cutting operations with existing part features such as cast surfaces. The probing functions are integrated into the CNC machine cycle.

BMC Machining

Our commitment to process efficiency is reflected in the equipment we choose. Our Integrex I35-Y Lathe has CAT40 milling capability, and our SQT-15MS Lathe has live tooling plus a working sub-spindle. We arrange our machines into cells as required for increased throughput and reduced cost.

As versatile as our machines are, we continuously seek new and creative ways to utilize them.

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